What karen's clients say

"My coaching sessions with Karen were excellent. The value of being able to sit down with her and openly discuss my thoughts and ideas without fear of judgement was enormous for me and the time with Karen has really clarified my next steps. Karen is a very personable, understanding and professional coach with an intuitive awareness of when I needed to refocus and move forward. She allowed me to be brave in my ideas and also realistic with my goals, enabling me to be actively productive in pursuing them. Karen also gave me some great practical tools to take forward independently to help me with my creativity and time management."

Coaching client

"What a fantastic Brilliant Breakthrough Buzz session with Karen.  I felt very at ease and comfortable opening up with Karen. I can be honest so that she could help me get the best of the session. I really learnt and understood a lot about what is important to me now and what I am looking for in the future.  It has opened my eyes and I am viewing the future a lot differently now, with more confidence. I feel great.  Since my session I have found new opportunities, or they have found me!  But I can now see and think more clearly to the direction I want to head with much more clarity. Thank you Karen.  I urge anyone that is considering seeing Karen to do so! You won't regret it"

“Thank you for the session you gave me. I tell you, its worked wonders for me! No longer do I go to the shops when hungry and proceed to buy and binge on sweet foods, and I am even doing a "refined-sugar" free January.  Thank you so much again for the help you gave me, you were brilliant!”

 "As a long term insomniac I knew a cure would be difficult but Karen was a true professional who immediately put me at ease and after just two sessions was able to restore my sleep pattern and improve my wellbeing.  I would recommend Karen to anyone considering hypnotherapy."

“Thank you for x's session on Wednesday. She really enjoyed it (as did I!) and came away feeling very calm, relaxed and happy. I think we both felt energised and "up"! Her mood was very good and she went to bed calmly, reading your story and then listening to the CD. The story you wrote for her was absolutely spot-on for her. It really caught her interest and she loves it! She hasn't mentioned to me that she sees it as a metaphor. I felt it was very powerful.”

“I attended a session with Karen and found it to be very helpful. I've always found Karen to be so attentive and considerate with her answers and thoughts on all subjects from relationships to relocating. She gives great advice in a very calm, logical manner. I had not experienced hypnotherapy before, but Karen put me at ease and explained everything she was doing, I found it to be a very calming and refreshing experience. I always come out from a session with Karen with a spring in my step!  I would thoroughly recommend Karen to anyone considering any kind of therapy with her, she's a 'gem!'"

hypnotherapy for lifechange

"I just wanted to thank you for the hypnotherapy sessions we’ve had over the summer. When I first met you, I was suffering from acute anxiety and upset over some recent unpleasant behaviour from some female members at my golf club. My sister suggested I contact you as you had done such a super job helping my nephew overcome his exam stress. From the first meeting I found it so easy to talk with you and your ability to get to the nub of the problem is uncanny. Even after only one session of hypnotherapy I walked out of your clinic with a lighter step. I am now back playing and most importantly enjoying golf again. I’ll continue to use the self-hypnosis techniques that you've given me to improve other areas of my life."

Hypnotherapy client

“Karen came to me during a particularly challenging time of my life. I was suffering from both anxiety and depression and truly did not know which way to turn. When you are in that ‘state’ often you go from pillar to post to find solutions. But I need not look any further. Karen supported me during this period, showing a kindness and empathy like none I had ever encountered. She has the ability to ‘just get you’ with no judgement only tender words and support. I truly do not think I would be where I am now without her support. I have come out the other side with a deeper meaning of what went before, and I am a better person for having met such a fantastic therapist. Therapists? There are plenty but Karen is one in a million.”

“Thank you for your time yesterday. I found the session extremely useful and must say that it exceeded my expectations completely!  I had identified areas that I felt needed some work but our session helped me to focus my thoughts and identify what actions I can take to  enrich my entire life experience as well as to move forward in my chosen work/career direction.”

“Booking a sessions with Karen is the best thing you can do for yourself, Hypnotherapy or coaching, I have used both with great results. I was in a really bad way, feeling very unhappy and trapped in my working life which was starting to affect my personal life and my emotional health.  I had no idea what could be done to sort this out or I would have done it myself, right?  Wrong!  I was just going round and round in a vicious circle till I spoke with Karen.  She can somehow uncover a clear path and find out what is really important to you.  These may feel impossible to achieve  at first glance but she will help you find a path, setting small goals to keep you on that path to whatever changes you need to get you to the end goal.”

Hypnotherapy & coaching

“This is a short note to let you know that I am continuing to benefit from the coaching we did, which is why I have not been back yet! You were just what I needed when I needed it most. “

coaching client

“I just wanted to email you regarding the sessions I had with you a month or so back.  I have waited a while to email you, as I wanted to be sure of the outcome!   But the fantastic news is that I am no longer biting the inside of my mouth.  This was my main concern, so I'm very grateful and pleased.”

Hypnotherapy for bruxism and mouth biting

“Just to let you know J passed the theory test today!! So a very big thank you from him and from us. He used all your techniques and said it was a great help.”

Hypnotherapy for exam nerves

"I am so pleased to have found Karen and really enjoyed my sessions with her. She is very professional, knowledgable and passionate about what she does. If you've been considering hypnotherapy - book it!"

Hypnotherapy Client

"I wanted to send you this short note of thanks for our time on Friday. Once again I have taken many positives away with me.  Most noticeable was the benefit of relaxation. It had an immediate and, so far, lasting impact. The pain I spoke of went and has not returned either."

Hypnotherapy for pain and stress

"Karen, thank you for yesterday.  It was amazing for me.  I was standing back in my living room in xxxx giving my young self a hug. Unbelievable.  Hope this lightening feeling lasts!"  (This client had been dealing with a lifetime of guilt and unhappiness.  She later reported having been happier than at any time in the last 45 years.)

Hypnotic happiness

"Thanks so much for this, I'm steadily starting to work my way through and putting things into action. I will be back for another session, thought it was brilliant!"

Brilliant breakthrough buzz session

“I was delighted when Karen agreed to take my clients through a Laughter Yoga session. As a Happiness Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Laugher Yoga Coach, Karen was fantastic at raising the energy in the room and taking everyone through their paces. Her enthusiasm is infectious, coupled with a very clear structure, she quickly got everyone involved in the process. Karen is a very skilled facilitator and I felt we were in safe hands which is important when you have over 40 high-level clients in the room. I cannot recommend Karen highly enough and will definitely be using her services again.” Carole Bozkurt -Client Attraction Strategist & Business Mentor

“Karen’s laughter yoga session at Rich, Hot and Spiritual conference was definitely a highlight of the day. Karen’s slot was just after lunch, always the most challenging time to get delegate involvement.  I found the session liberating, fun and motivating.  You could feel the energy in the room increasing with every minute, and the power of forming connections in an unusual way with other delegates felt positive and inspiring.  Having reflected on the session I definitely see the value of working with Karen during a team building day or with groups where stress and wellbeing are a current issue.”  Jan G—Employment Psychologist

“Laughter yoga helped me to feel young again. I hadn’t even realised that life had got so serious until I experienced laughter yoga. It gave me permission to let go, relax and have fun. Yes at first I felt like I was faking it but within seconds the feeling was very real and before I knew it I was feeling more confident and happier than I have felt in a long time. Thank you Karen for bringing back my sparkle!”   Deborah L 

“I was amazed how laughter yoga transformed the entire room into a state of excitement letting me personally feel free and ready to tackle the next task. I find myself using it now when I had a frustrating situation or I just worked lots of hours and need to let my entire body relax and refocus. Just a few minutes of it makes me really happy!  In the long run I can see myself using laughter yoga in regular intervals throughout the day to let go of any stress or work pressure and then continue with a refreshed mind and body.”  Claudia D

laughter yoga attendees at Rich hot spiritual event

Laughter yoga