Magic is everywhere… if you know where to look!

Magical Mindset Workshop ~ Manifesting love and healthy relationships

Following on from the success of the Magical Mindset Money Manifesting workshop, this time round we will be working on manifesting love and healthy relationships with ourself and others.

This is not just for anyone wanting to bring a special love into their life, but also about learning magical ways to build and heal relationships – whether intimate, family, friends or in the workplace.  The starting point for us all is to embrace and love ourselves - to uncover and remove blocks which stop us from experiencing unconditional love

Date – Thursday 16th November 3 magical hours – 10am – 1pm

At The Quaker Meeting House, 65 Whielden Street,  Amersham HP7 0JB

This workshop will guide you through a combination of processes used to embrace a magical love manifesting mindset.

  • An exploration of your personal love mindset. How your past helps to shape your ability to give and receive unconditional love. We’ll deep dive into one or two ‘blocks’.
  • A powerful hypnotic process to release and transform those blocks.
  • Magical associations and rituals for increasing love in all areas of your life.
  • Creating and casting love and relationship manifestation magic.
  • Hypnotic realisation process to activate your most powerful magical manifestation mindset.


We will release the energy from our magical environment before leaving at 1pm with the tools to re-create some Love Manifestation Magic.

Homemade, healthy, ‘love’ refreshments will be available.

All this for just £47! 

What my workshop clients say

"An amazing combination of money mindset and magic to help release blocks and align yourself to your money dream. Loved crafting the spells and saying goodbye to the beliefs that no longer serve your highest interest. Karen creates an energetic space and makes everyone feel comfortable to ask any questions and get support required. I would definitely attend future events. Oh and the food was delicious." Carole

"Absolutely loved the workshop. I was not quite sure what to expect - each practice, each step was meticulously planed and delivered, which helped me ground and speak up for my desires and destroy my blocks! Highly recommend!" Lucia

"Just loved this workshop, which was super informative; enlightening and inspiring. Karen, you guided us really well through this; made us feel comfortable and helped us to embrace something new and exciting! I could hardly believe how quickly my 'revelation' came through and the release I felt through it. Everything was professionally presented, including your handouts and the extra materials you gave us for the spells. - very generous. Huge value for money. I'm excited for what's coming! Thank you for a great experience." Susanne :)