imaginator programme

This is a step by step process to master the practical application of imagination - a route to discover a different, more beneficial way of thinking, and doing things. Delivered over 6 sessions, you will discover new ways to manage everyday stress, use visualisation techniques for instilling changes and even how to use basic self hypnosis for things like pain management.

I have created a system which you can use for yourself and share as a parent, teacher or therapist with children.

Read an introduction to "The Imaginator Programme" here

one to one coaching

Are you a motivated creative?  Has your business grown and changed so much that your relationship with it has gone awry?  Overwhelmed by the pressure or chaos in your business and unclear of your strategies for success? Supported by a high achieving team who are battling frustration and becoming disaffected?  “The Heal the Team” Coaching Programme focuses on regaining your equilibrium and your desire to reignite the passion for your business and personal life. You create a clear path to lead your team to success.   

Not sure you are ready to commit to the major investment of coaching? 

Why not book a “Brilliant Breakthrough Buzz Session” – a focused, two hour session where I will help you to identify areas where you can start taking action to affect changes, at a fraction of the cost of a full programme of transformation.

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Goal setting 

Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Stress Management

Meditation and Mindfulness

Educational Performance (Schools and Colleges)

​Workplace Power and Passion staff appraisals

Create a Lighter Life - Lifestyle coaching 

Cool Calm and Connected (Managing menopause)

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Are you a holistic therapist who wants to set up a business, but you are unsure where to start?  You may desperately want help, but 
perhaps not sure who to turn to?  Why not book a "Brilliant Business Buzz Session"?  Together we will explore the ways to turn your passion into a powerful future..

7 Steps to Escaping The Fairground of Discontent

Are you stuck?  Using the metaphor of a nightmare fairground, this short programme helps you explore the ways in which you are limiting yourself.  We can work through this as a one day intensive, either 1-2-1 or as a group.  You may like to start exploring this yourself by ordering the workbook here.

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