What is the "Heal the team" programme?

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And now your business has grown, (which is a wonderful achievement by the way,) but things have changed.  The way you did things when you started your business just don't work any more so you are feeling overwhelmed by stress, pressure or chaos.  You may be supported by a high achieving team who are unconsciously feeling your frustration (or possibly they have noticed?) They in turn are experiencing frustration and starting to become disaffected.  Just keeping up with daily demands makes strategies for ongoing business success unclear.  And then there's your broader team.  Your partner, family, friends and customers can all pick up on your waning passion, and no doubt some areas of your life are particularly challenging as a result.

Here's the thing!  You are the heart of your team! If you aren't functioning well at work. home or socially, then the team is not functioning to its capacity either!

So what if you could rediscover your passion for your life; find ways to improve your business to suit you; improve your personal relationships;  manage stress and become more resilient; HAVE MORE FUN?

That is what this Programme offers.  An opportunity for you to heal YOUR team from the inside by improving your own life.  

A coaching relationship is very special (please click here to read my Coaching Principles,) and requires trust.  I am really happy to meet for a brief chat either face to face or via Skype, or a more effective way of testing the water is to book a Brilliant Breakthrough Buzz Session.  2 hours of dedicated time where you can start to create changes, at a fraction of the cost of committing to a full programme of transformation.  You will then be able to make a truly informed decision to commit to a the full programme, with the reassurance that the value to you is commensurate with your investment.

Do you remember when you started your business? 

Perhaps when you began:

  • you started the business with just you and maybe a partner and possibly a couple of staff
  • you were accessible to all your colleagues and customers whenever they wanted you
  • you had fewer or different family commitments
  • the business was driven forward by your passion
  • you were busy, but felt powerful and in control